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Ode To Coffe

BeitragVerfasst: Do 26 Feb, 2009 23:54
von Sjel
Ode To Coffe

Like beer is the fuel for all kinds of dionysian activities in life, like dancing, singing, talking bullshit, partying and fucking, coffe is the fuel for soul. You refill your soultank with it. And I don't mean soul like the soul some banal R'n'B songs tell about. Black and acerb like the thoughts, that sometimes come to a ripening mind.
Children never vlountarily swallow something, that doesn't taste well.
Why do we start drinking coffe? It does neither taste well.
We try to get used to that bitter taste as if we want to look mature, make an end to our childhood. Refill our soul with something black and serious. Like Sherlock Holmeses with pipes trying to look intelligent with our coffecups.
People who don't drink coffe seem highly suspect to mee. And a feeling for a man, who didn't drink coffe never lasted long.
Because of the man, not because of the coffe of course.
A major part of this islands population, in my age seems to refill their souls with gluey sweetish coke. Little coke bottles they are. Wearing high heels and Vans wobbling against each other in the bars on weekends.
Sweet and plastic smiles.
They never voluntary swallow something, that doesn't taste well.